Group Structure

Global Partner

Over 50 years since LEEKUO was founded, we have been providing premium equipment and high-quality service to the leader of various industries in Taiwan, such as Formosa Plastic Group, CPC Taiwan and tsmc. Our effort and professional performance brought us the outstanding reputation and recognition.

LEEKUO has devoted consistently to both product development and improvement. In addition to its well-equipped facilities and rich manufacturing capability from the headquarter in Taiwan, we also cooperates with partners from all over the world in order to achieve the progression of technology, service and international integration.

With the expansion of the clients’ business, our technical services and business have also moved to the stage of globalization. Partners from China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United States, and France etc., have become the aid of supporting long-term business growth for LEEKUO. The great help also allows all team members to be more confident to face challenges from a new and fully developed generation.


Being a professional manufacturer in the industry for a long time, LEEKUO was approved by ISO 9001 in 1996. Later in 2002, LEEKUO was again certified with "U", "U2", "S", "PP" and "R" by ASME (American Society Mechanical Engineers).

During our research and development of latest technology, the company has received several patents for equipment in petrochemical industry. These international certifications have fully upgraded the strength and value of quality assurance and technology development team from LEEKUO.