Mechanical Characters

  • No expansion joints
  • No shell/channel flanges
  • No transverse baffles
  • Right and left-handed rotation winding
  • Fully counter-current


High energy efficiency

  • Close temperature approach of 2˚C
  • Low pressure drop of 0.02 kg/cm̊²
  • Large heat transfer area per unit volume

Compact design

  • Large-scalization of each STHE (Exceeds 30,000 m²)
  • 1 STHE replaces several S&T in series/parallel
  • Plot plan saving, easy piping


Single Stream

Length of a single type STHE may exceed 130M, so as to maximize the heat exchange efficiency from a single equipment.

Multiple Streams

The difference is that there are two more tube-side nozzles which create multiple streams. These streams allow the heat to exchange readily. STHE is an innovative tool and technology that will substantially improve the heat exchange process.